Hello everyone . I am missing the smiles and giggles that we all have everyday in school. I hope you are making your parents smile like you make me! I hope you are all enjoying the time you are spending at home . I have been very busy indeed! My 3 children have me running around in circles ! We have been baking , gardening and trying to keep active by playing football and boxing in the garden . I have also sorted lots of things out at home. Perhaps you could help your parents by tidying and cleaning your bedrooms ? Put everything away neatly and create little spaces for your special things to go. I would love you to spend some of your time each day reading ! Practise your phonics and get your parents to ask you questions about books you share together . There are lots of videos on YouTube that can help with your phonics. I will put some ideas on for you to look at if you get chance . Keep up your number skills by practising numbers to 100! But most importantly remember that home is where you are safe right now, so make the most of the extra cuddles you are all getting . Lots of love little ones xxxx Mrs Yendall

Mrs Foley- Hello everyone I am missing you all lots! I hope your having lots of fun at home with your families.
I’v been reading lots of stories with my little boy and playing in the garden. I have also been doing the Joe Wicks PE workout every morning and going for long walks to keep fit. Try to find some time each day to practice your phonics and read as much as you can! When you are reading see if you can pick out the adjectives in the story. Don’t forget to keep practicing all of those maths skills we have learnt this year, maybe you could set up a shop, add different items together and work out the change.
Remember to stay at home, stay safe and
most of all enjoy your time together ???? Mrs Foley

Hi munchkins…Mrs Hasler here!!
I just wanted to say how proud I am of you all and what a fabulous job you are all doing of keeping yourself safe. I hope you’re doing lots of fun things like reading, drawing, playing games, baking, dancing, singing etc and generally being kind and thoughtful.  Remember,  just because I cant see you at the moment…I want you to know you are in my thoughts and I miss you all. My children are much bigger than you and dont seem to say half of the funny things you say…I miss that very much.
I’m keeping busy looking after my family, doing a bit of decorating, exercising, playing board games and catching up on lots of other bits and bobs.
So keep on being the amazing little people you are…give your families lots if hugs and be as good as I know you can be. Show them what superstars you truly are. See you soon xxx❤ Mrs Hasler

Hello everyone I hope you are all doing fab and doing amazing things to keep yourselves busy. I miss all of the little things you do to put a smile on our faces. I expect you are all been good for your parents and doing your bit to help at home such as making your bed or tidy your toys away. I have been busy myself helping my grandad get his shopping in and I have also been going on long walks with my dog, who is a black labrador. I have been spending lots of time with my family baking, playing games and gardening. I am so proud of all of you staying home and keeping safe which is the main thing. I hope you all keep busy doing lots of fun activities with your family. Some things you might like to do are painting, drawing, baking, reading and I’m sure you can think of lots more. Hopefully I will be seeing you all very soon and we can catch up on all the amazing things you have done. Xxxx Miss Proud

Good morning our lovely, lovely year ones.
I have to say I am missing you all. It seems like we have been away much longer than only eleven days. I hope that you and your families are all keeping well and managing to keep active and busy. I hope that you’re being good for the people who are looking after you too! ????
These are very strange times for us all and the most important thing right now is that you and your families stay safe together. It is going to be so lovely to hear about all the things you’ve done with your families when we return.
How about you write a little diary to read to us when we come back to school? Missing how you all make us smile with your wonderful achievements in school. You all have shown amazing progression in many different aspects of what you do and you should all be very proud of yourselves.
Lots of love,
Miss Blackwood xxx