Key worker children

Firstly, thank you to everyone at this difficult time. We have now been in touch with almost all of our key-worker families and the register is now closed for next week. We are working very hard to ensure that we can organise staffing and activities to suit the number of children in school each day.

If you have been contacted today regarding your place, then the information below outlines our plans moving forward. Please understand that we are constantly re-assessing Government guidelines to safeguard all; we will keep you fully informed.


Opening times – usual opening times apply 8.40-3.05 (However as discussed, during these hours we can accommodate drop off and collection to suit).


Uniform- Children will not be required to wear uniform and we suggest they wear comfortable clothing to suit a range of activities.


Staff- At all times there will be someone available at the office, a first aider and a member of the schools management team. There will also be additional staff to suit ratio.


Booking a place- If you are one of our registered key-workers, then please speak to a member of staff by Tuesday 24th March at the latest to book your places for the following week. There is also a blank rota in the office that you can fill in.


Curriculum- We are a family here at Kader and we aim to make this unusual time as enjoyable as possible for your children who will remain. We have designed a timetable that includes a variety of activities, from gardening, PE, music and reading to name a few.


Safeguarding- Please ensure that the people who collect your children are registered as usual with the school office. All other safeguarding will remain the same. Safe guarding leads: Alison Mitchinson, Janet Donald and Laura Yendall.


Lunch arrangements- if your child requires a school meal then please indicate so on the rota in the school office.


Keep safe, keep smiling, we are here to support you.