Hello everyone! Just a little message from Mr Hurley, Mr Jukes, Mr Stanbridge and Mrs Birch. We really hope you are all doing well and managing to keep yourselves happy and positive during this difficult time! We are thinking about all of you!

Mr Hurley – Hi everyone! I hope you are all keeping yourselves positive. I hope the Conquer Maths is about the right amount – I found it difficult to know whether to set 2, 3 or 4 videos per day! Just do your best with it. More importantly, please just keep happy and do your best. I am trying to home school my son so I know it’s not easy! Stay happy and we will get through this tricky time! Miss you lot…

Mr Jukes – Hope you are all keeping well, Year 5! Keep trying with the home learning we have set. Log in to Read Theory and Conquer Maths when you can but remember to stay safe and enjoy the time with your family and keep in touch with your friends. Keep thinking positive thoughts!

Mr Stanbridge – Mr S here. I hope you are all well and are trying your best to stay positive and complete some of the tasks we have set you. Remember, don’t worry about completing everything. Be good for your parents and guardians and tidy your room!

We really hope you are all ok. Please think of your parents, who are going through a tricky time as well, and give them a big (symptom free) hug!