Dear Parents/Carers,

Friday was a very busy and challenging day in school and both staff and children experienced a range of conflicting emotions and it seems very strange to think we may not see each other for some time.

Can I thank everyone who has sent in messages to school – we have been really humbled by your thoughts and kind wishes. However, now is the time to keep ourselves safe, to socially distance from one another for a time to ensure the spread of the COVID-19 virus is slowed and we all come through this safely.

Children not attending school is one part of this national strategy, but I’d also like to remind parents that this extends beyond the school gates. This means not playing together outside of school, no play dates or social visits unless absolutely necessary. We appreciate that this will be difficult but it is necessary at this time.

We are hoping to use our school Website and Facebook page to keep our school community together and to share our news and activities. Look out on these platforms for further details, and please share them as you see them.

Reminder of school closure to most pupils.

As you are aware our school will be closed to almost all children from Monday morning until further notice. Whilst we regret this situation, we have to follow the latest government advice which aims to promote social distancing/isolation for staff and children to slow down the spread of the virus.

If you can keep your child at home safely, you should.

Therefore, we do not expect to see your children on Monday unless:

• You are a parent or carer who is a critical COVID-19 worker and you have no provision to work from home (and have registered your needs with school).
• Your child has a child protection plan/support from social care.
• Your child has an education, health and care plan.

There has been much confusion about this. It is NOT compulsory for key workers’ children to attend from next week. It is not an option of children to dip in and out of. It is an emergency childcare provision, and if pupils can be left at home safely because there is adequate care, then this is what must happen. The whole point is to reduce the spread of transmission. Therefore, schools are “open” but want to support the minimum number of pupils so we have to deploy the minimum number of staff, and expose the minimum number of people to risk.

If your child is eligible to be in school at this time we would like to remind you that if anyone in your household develops symptoms you must follow government guidelines and self isolate for the recommended period of time.


Stay safe and thank you for your support

Mrs A. Mitchinson