Dear Parents,

We look forward to welcoming your Year 6 child back to school on Monday 8th June. To ensure that the transition back to school is as smooth as possible, I have some information that I would like you to share with your child.

  1. Arrive at 8.50 am and stand on one of the coloured spots on upper school playground.
  2. No parents must enter the yard.
  3. Your pod teacher will come out to meet you and call your name.
  4. Please follow the 2m footprints into school.
  5. Someone will take your temperature.
  6. As you enter school, you will sanitise your hands before entering your new classroom.
  7. You will have your own desk and resources, so please do not bring in anything from home- except for your own disposable packed lunch.
  8. Please do not bring in a water bottle, unless it is disposable.
  9. Don’t forget a jumper as the windows in the classroom will be open.
  10. Don’t forget your coat – it may rain.
  11. At the end of the day, your parents must wait on a coloured spot and your pod teacher will send you out 1 by 1. If you make your own way home, then you will leave once all the parents have left the playground.
  12. Please don’t worry, if you follow the guidance of your pod teacher, you will all have a lovely time during difficult circumstances.

As you can imagine a lot of thought and consideration has been put into the safe opening of school. We want this time to be as enjoyable as possible, whilst also maintaining the highest levels of safety. We endeavour to keep you fully informed at all times of any changes that may need to take place. We are (as previously stated) reviewing risk assessments and Government guidance daily.  Below is a list of information regarding the opening of school to Y6 pupils…

  1. Your child will be placed into a pod. Two x 9 and a pod of 10 (larger classroom to accommodate) Your child’s pod will stay the same for the duration of the school term.
  2. Your child must attend school each day, as we will be monitoring attendance for those who have requested a place.
  3. If you or anyone in your household display any COVID19 symptoms, you must isolate and follow Government guidance and inform school of test results.
  4. If your child becomes unwell at school and they have displayed COVID 19 symptoms we will inform you immediately and your child will need to be collected. We will then require you to request a Government test and notify school of the results. Your child will not be able to return to school until the results have been received.
  5. Please familiarise yourself with the – Positive Behaviour Policy- amendments that can be found on our school website.
  6. We will be teaching your child how to maintain the highest levels of hygiene; please can you help us with this by demonstrating and discussing this at home (as I am sure you already do.)
  7. Uniforms will not be required, as we need children in clean clothes each day.
  8. Please do not accompany your child onto the playground on a morning.
  9. At 3.05pm, please stand on a coloured spot and wait for your child to be sent to you (only one adult permitted)
  10. We cannot patrol Staindrop Drive to enforce social distancing, but we trust that you will adhere to it, to keep yourself safe.
  11. If your child is allowed to walk home unaccompanied, then please chat to them about social distancing and safety as we cannot enforce this once they have left the school grounds.
  12. If you have any concerns during this time, please ring school to discuss, as we will be unable to allow you into the school building in person.

We look forward to welcoming your child back into school and although different, we will endeavour to make this time as enjoyable as possible. Thank you as always for your continued support.


Yours sincerely 

Mrs A. Mitchinson