Letter Home 8/9/2020

Dear Parents,

Sorry me again…

Thank you for your continuing cooperation and your flexibility in these very strange times. It really is lovely to see you all again.

School drop offs are running like clockwork, thank you. However, some parents have quite rightly pointed out that the collection at the end of the day is very busy and some have expressed a lack of social distancing from parents.

In light of all both positive and negative feedback in order that all parents feel safe can I remind and stress the need for:

  • Other family members, either remain in their cars or wait away from the entrance on Staindrop Drive
  • No loitering and hovering at the gates, which are very narrow. In KS1 please adhere to staying to the left upon entering and exiting.
  • Please do not allow any children to play on the equipment in KS1 playground /run around on upper school playground.
  • NO CHILDREN need a bag, PE kits come in on a Monday to remain in school all week and go home on a Friday to be washed.
  • Collection Times are staggered to alleviate congestion so please try to be prompt and vacate the playground as quickly as possible. Can we please ask parents to adhere to social distancing guidance, limiting any interaction with different families and friends.
  • Please can we ask that you wear a mask if you are entering the school, this includes coming into the main office.


The children continue to surpass all expectations and are a joy to have back. Its lovely to have our Kader Family back once again.


Thank you

Alison Mitchinson