KS1 Reading- Changes to our home reading scheme

KS1 Reading-

Changes to our home reading scheme


Dear Parents/ Guardians,


As many of you are aware, within our school, we use the Read Write Inc programme to teach your little person how to read. This involves the daily teaching of sounds and word-reading skills, as well as focusing on comprehension. To help your child even more, we have recently invested in Read Write Inc Book Bag books which your child will bring home throughout the year as their home reading book.


Each week, your child’s Read Write Inc teacher will send two books home. One book (a black and white one) is a copy of the book they are reading in class and so they should be able to confidently read this to you. The second book contains the same sounds that they have been learning, but gives them the chance to read a new book to practise their skills more. Each book should be read as often as possible and logged on their online reading record on Seesaw (this can be found in the Activities section in your child’s folder). More details about this platform are on their way!


Later in the year, as your child gains in confidence, they will have the opportunity to bring home a third book. This will be from one of the book schemes we already have in school. These have all been regrouped to align with the RWI programme and will largely (but not exclusively) contain sounds your child knows. They may need a helping hand with some of the words within the book, but should largely be read independently.


Please make sure your child has their books within school every day to enable us to read with them whenever possible. Please also make sure that the books remain in excellent condition. As you can appreciate, the books are a huge investment and we would like to ensure that our pupils, for years to come, are able to enjoy them. All books will be catalogued, and any that return damaged will incur a fee of £3.



When will my child’s book be changed?

Your child will receive their two new RWI books on a Tuesday and will return them to school on a Friday. This year, more than ever, it is vital that the books are returned promptly to allow for them to be quarantined for the recommended 72 hours before another pupil receives them.  It would also be a good idea to wash your hands both before and after use. We will reassess this as the year progresses.


How do the books work?

  • Read Write Inc Books: (This is your child’s main reading book and is the black and white book) Please encourage your child to read though the speed sounds page first, then the green and red words page and then check your child understands the meaning of words on the vocabulary check page, before they start reading the book. Your child will have read this book at school and will be gaining in fluency and expression. They should have a good comprehension of what the book is about. At the back of the book are find it/prove it questions for you to do with your child.
  • RWI Book Bag books: (These coloured books are to support your child’s main reading book) These books are to extend your child’s reading. Your child should be able to read most of this book however they might need a little support, especially with the first read.

How often should I read with my child?

Reading daily is vital to your child’s reading success. We know this is very difficult in our busy households, but research tells us (countless times!) that those who do can read at a significantly greater level than those that don’t. Given that reading ability is a key predictor in children’s overall academic success, we prioritise it from the off and know that you do too.

Ideally both books should be read twice each, but due to the need to quarantine the books due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this may prove difficult. Aim to read each night- the black and white book once (this is the one they’ve read in school), and the coloured book twice. On the evenings that your child does not have a book to read, you could:

  • Read to your child. This is just as important as hearing your child read and is such a great way to develop their vocabulary;
  • Encourage them to read ANYTHING! Non-fiction books, picture books, rhymes, songs, cereal packets, menus, shopping lists…ANYTHING!
  • Can your child make up a new ending to a familiar story? Can you use puppets to retell a story you know well?
  • Use the free e-books on Oxford Owl to read together;
  • Make flashcards of the green and red words found in your child’s book and practice reading these at speed. These words will come up often so the faster and easier your child recognises these, the more confident they will become!
  • If you wish to, purchase your own set of speed sound cards from Amazon (ask your child’s teacher for help with this) These are brilliant for revising previously taught sounds, though it is very important you don’t teach your child any new ones!

Useful Websites


Please do get in touch with your child’s class teacher if there is anything further we can help with.