Hi little lovelies!

We hope that you are all OK and still smiling even though that glorious sunshine we had been getting used to has now temporarily disappeared! This week starts a new chapter in our home learning/ school reopening journey!

Those of you back in school from tomorrow, we CANNOT WAIT! We are SO EXCITED to see you and chat to you, and giggle with you, and learn with you! School will look very different, but its soul and its ethos, its values and the people (including you!) who make our school as special as it is remain exactly the same.

Those of you who are remaining at home, please do not worry! All of our usual forms of communication still apply- we are still just an email away via Purple Mash or a phone call away from the school office. If you need ANYTHING or just want a chat, please be in touch just as you have been. Home learning will still appear each week for you to tackle. Please continue to send in the work you have been doing or photos of the gorgeous things you have been getting up to so that we still feel connected. We can share those photos back in school with your classmates so that they can see you!

Keep rockin’ it Year 6- you are ALL BRILLIANT!

Year 6 Home Learning- week 9