Hello my lovelies! Another week of home learning done and dusted!

I’m sure you have many questions buzzing around your minds at the potential prospect of us being back at school from June 1st. Your families will be very busy making decisions about what is going to be best for them and you so please, please feel free to email us any questions you might have. And if you are feeling a little anxious (this is totally normal- do not worry!) then do get in touch and we can try and allay as many fears as we can!

Thank you so much for everything you are doing at home- both you and your grown-ups!  We LOVE to see what are you busy getting up to and some of the work you are producing is absolutely amazing. Well done also to all of you who have kept fast for your FIRST EVER time! What an incredible achievement! I hope that your last week of Ramadan is a good one and that you enjoy celebrating Eid al-Fitr at the weekend! Do send us any pictures of the celebrations and traditions you keep at home!

Year 6 Home Learning- week 7