Hi Team 6!

Today feels so very strange for many reasons. Tomorrow we would have been getting ready to SMASH our SATs and show everyone just how much we have learnt. We would have started our morning with a biscuit (yes, a biscuit is definitely allowed during SATs week!) and a chat to you all about how proud we are of you; how hard you’ve worked and how ready you are for the test you are about to sit. Of course, we can’t have that lovely conversation with you in person BUT it is important that you hear the message nonetheless.

We think you are incredible little people for so many reasons; we did back in March when we left you and we think you are even MORE amazing now….

  • You are currently living through a global pandemic- you are behaving sensibly and responsibly by staying at home with your loved ones;
  • Many of you are mid-way through Ramadan, a time of ‘togetherness’ for your community but you are having to adjust to a Holy Month that you can only spend with the people in your home. Amazing!
  • You are doing little bits of work at home to make sure you keep your skills ticking over. The work you are sending us is simply lovely and we are so proud of your work ethic;
  • You are spending lots of time doing the things you love that keep you relaxed and chilled: some of you have even learnt new skills, adding to the endless list of things you are already amazing at!
  • You are helping around your home as much as you can. We cannot tell you how proud this makes us. You are empathetic little people who are growing up with a sense of responsibility and care for others.
  • You are keeping in touch with your friends, reaching out to them to check that they are OK. It takes more effort to keep in touch than it did when we were at school, but this just proves even more that you care.
  • We have had so many emails from you just to chat, asking if we and our families are OK. You are such thoughtful children- a credit to your own families.
  • You have worked so hard to get the Y6 curriculum under your belt and are rightly proud of all that you have achieved.

So on SATs-eve, you will probably fall into one of two camps when you think of tomorrow. Either absolutely over the moon to not be sitting them or a bit disappointed that you’ve not been able to show off what you can do. No matter which one of the two you fall into, please reflect on how far you have come over the year (not just academically but socially and emotionally too). You are living through history and in many years to come, you will tell your families about what life was like for you during this time. You will tell them of your daily walks, the time spent with your family, the games you invented with your siblings, the Facetime chats you had with your friends, the pyjama days, the clapping for carers on a Thursday, the rainbows in windows, the days you spent in bed until 1pm! And I am almost certain that you will not mentions SATs once.

Please enjoy this week’s home learning- we hope it brings the smiles we intended! Visit this page each morning where you will find your ‘SATs papers’ for the week! I will only upload them on the day you ‘sit’ them, just like we would at school! You can print them out if you wish, or just write on paper!

Sending lots of love to you all!

Year 6 Home Learning- Silly SATs week


Monday 11th May- Paper 1


Monday 11th May- Paper 2


Please use the Purple Mash- SATs week blog post to listen to the transcription that goes with this test!

Tuesday 12th May- Reading


Wednesday 13th May- Reasoning

(There has a been a technical hitch with your Arithmetic paper this morning so please feel free to use this time for some times table practise!)