Hello my lockdown lovelies!

We hope that you are all well and ready to tackle next week’s home learning. Over the coming weeks, there will be some transition-based activities to help prepare yourselves mentally for your next big adventure. One of the big things this week is looking at our mindset and how we can help ourselves to overcome negative thoughts (which we all have from time to time). These are important strategies to learn, but especially now when you are on the verge of something so unknown! We hope that this helps!

Keep smiling and keep in touch!

Year 6 Home Learning- week 10

Monday- History- Lesson Presentation Gods and Religion

Tuesday- Frida-Kahlo-powerpoint

Tuesday- Friday Kahlo biography

Thursday- English Lesson 1- Truth Pixie Reading Detectives

Thursday- PSHE and Citizenship Y6 Think Positive – Lesson Presentation

Thursday- PSHE and Citizenship Y6 Think Positive – Cognitive Triangle Activity Sheet