Kader School Visit Consent Form





Completion of this form means that separate consent forms for every trip will no longer be required.  Please make sure that you have registered for Smart School App to receive details of trips via the app.  Details will also be on the school website. 


Period of Consent:  Duration of your child’s school life


Please complete the form below if you are happy for your child:

  • To take part in school trips and other activities that take place off the school premises within the school day
  • To be given first aid (including plasters) or medical treatment during any school trip or activity


I understand that the trips and activities covered by this consent include:

  • All educational visits (excluding residential trips)
  • Walking to places in the local area (eg Library)
  • Local environmental studies and surveys
  • Off-site sporting activities


I understand that:

  • I will be informed of the dates and times of these visits prior to them taking place through the Smart School App 
  • All reasonable care will be taken of my child in respect of the visit or activity
  • My child will be under an obligation to follow all directions given, observe all rules and regulations governing the visit or activity
  • I need to alert school of any new or existing medical conditions, prescribed medication or special needs now and as and when they arise
  • It is my responsibility to inform school in writing if I wish my child to “opt-out” of a particular trip or activity


In some cases it may be necessary for the School to send out specific consent forms. For Example:

  • If the activity starts prior to the start of the school day (8:50), or after the end of the school day (3:05)
  • If the trip involves activities with a higher perceived risk, eg Swimming or Ice Skating 
  • If the trip requires an overnight stay, eg the Year 6 Marrick Trip or the Year 4 Harry Potter Trip
  • If the child is of Nursery age consent will always be asked prior to a trip
  • Consent will always be required for trips/events organised by a third party


I give consent for photographs to be taken in school, on trips and at sporting events (unless we are already aware that your child is unable to have their photograph taken).