Y6 Marrick Priory Residential


Additional Dates For This Event

  • 21/05/2019
  • 22/05/2019
  • 23/05/2019
  • 24/05/2019

Just a few reminders about our visit to Marrick Priory:

  • As mentioned before, children are not allowed mobile phones or cameras (unless disposable).
  • Please label any medication and provide details of its administration. Please hand over any medication to staff before we leave. (If your child needs a travel-sickness tablet for the journey home on Friday 26th May please provide one.)
  • Spending money is allowed: £10 – £15 is sufficient. There is a tuck shop/souvenir shop; and the children will need money for an ice-cream when we visit the Ice-Cream parlour.
  • Your child may bring books, packs of cards etc., but no electronic games please.
  • Your child may not bring hair straighteners or hair dryers to the priory.
  • We will meet in the Upper School hall on Monday 20th May at 10.30am; we aim to leave at 11.00am. YOUR CHILD WILL NEED A PACKED LUNCH.
  • We will be leaving the priory on Friday 24th  May at 10.15am. We aim to be back at school at approximately 11.15am -11.30 am. You may collect your child at that time, and take them home.
  • Your child could bring a favourite toy/pillow/blanket etc. from home as a familiar comfort to them at bedtime.
  • Please do not let your children bring extra food or sweets etc as they will have to be confiscated.