Mathematics Mastery (selected pupils only)

18/07/2019 to 08/05/2020

Additional Dates For This Event

  • 26/09/2019
  • 24/10/2019
  • 28/11/2019
  • 09/01/2020
  • 06/02/2020
  • 12/03/2020
  • 23/04/2020
  • 07/05/2020


Your child has been chosen to attend Mathematical Mastery sessions at Macmillan Academy, to develop their understanding on fractions, angles, proportion and properties of numbers. The sessions will be held on the following dates:


Thursday 18th July 

Thursday 26th September

Thursday 24th October

Thursday 28th November

Thursday 9th January

Thursday 6th February

Thursday 12th March

Thursday 23rd April

Thursday 7th May


A Member of Kader staff will be accompanying your child. The children will leave school at 1:00pm and will be transported by mini bus to and from the venue. We aim to be back at school for 3.05pm. 

Thank you for your support