End of Year Reports

Dear Parents/Carers,


End of Year Report


Your child’s end of year school report will be available from Wednesday 1st  July. If you would like to collect your child’s report then you can do so by going to the School Office between the hours of 9:30-2:30 ONLY to avoid pick up and drop off times. The reports will be available to collect from Wednesday 1st July up until Wednesday 15th July in order to spread out collection as much as possible.


If you are unable to collect your child’s report then it will be put in your child’s tray for September for them to return when we are open fully.


For your information the new classes are listed below:


Old Class New Class New Class Teacher
NURS RJM Mrs Minter
NURS RSK Mrs Kennedy
RJM Y1F Mrs Foley
RSK Y1R Miss Rogers
Y1F Y2S Miss Smith
Y1Y Y2A Miss Arceri
Y2SM Y3W Miss Walker
Y2SC Y3C Miss Chan
Y3D Y4J Mr Jukes
Y3S Y4S Mrs Stockwell
Y4A Y5H Mr Hurley
Y4M Y5S Mr Stanbridge
Y5H Y6E Mrs Emms
Y5S Y6S Miss Scotney



As you can see there are four new class teachers Miss Rogers, Miss Walker, Miss Chan, and Mr Jukes. Some of you may know Mr Jukes as he has been working year 5 this year. We are looking forward to welcoming them all to Kader.



I will be sending out an end of year letter shortly with all our exciting plans for September.






Yours sincerely


Mrs A. Mitchinson