To our lovely Year 6s,

Your final half-term as a primary school student approaches! We have been in discussions with your lovely new teachers to tell them all about you and they cannot wait to meet you all! Your new adventure is just around the corner!

As you know, we are so incredibly proud of you all for so many reasons: for your resilience in adapting to these strange times; for your compassion, consideration and empathy for those in your families and communities; for the determination and self-control you have shown by continuing your learning at home; for your boundless energy and optimism. You are incredible little humans who represent the school, its values and all that we stand for and, for that, we thank you.

Right now, you and your families will be (I’m sure) having many conversations about your potential return to school on 8th June. You may have mixed feelings about this: you may be so excited to see one another; you might be anxious or worried about the changes to your normal school day; you may be desperate for normality but apprehensive about returning! All of these emotions are absolutely normal and, be assured, the grown-ups are feeling these things too!

Keeping you safe is always our number one priority- it always has been and it always will be, even once this virus has disappeared. We have followed all of the government guidelines and we are busy putting all of these measures (and some extras!) in place to make sure that we keep you as safe as possible. This will mean that school will look a little different to how you remember it (have a nosy at the pictures!) and there will be some different routines in place, but your teachers will still look exactly the same- if not a little more rotund due to the excessive cake-eating and lack of exercise!

Not only will our classroom look different, learning might also look different for a little while too. Our first few sessions together might involve lots of chatting (we have lots to catch up on!) and questions before we tackle any of the curriculum. We can work together to decide what our final few weeks together might look like and how we can help get you prepared for secondary school life.

Those of you who are planning on returning will do us proud by rising to the challenges of the odd circumstances that we will face. We will face them together, with us ‘holding your hand’ (hypothetically of course) just as we always do. And if you and your families decide that coming back is not the right thing for you, then please do not worry. We will still be in touch via Purple Mash and be providing home learning activities for you just as we have been.

We desperately wish that we could go back to the noise of a full classroom. Never in a million years did we envisage in September that our school year would end with us all separated. But please know, that wherever you are on June 8th either in school with us or at home with your families, you are our part of our Kader family until the very end.

Sending you all lots of love- and a virtual squish!