We’ve had a fantastic first week back! We kicked off our topic by watching the 1969 Moon landing! We went back in time to this period in history to understand how monumental this achievement was! We were visited by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (the first two men on the Moon) and asked them some questions. We then completed astronaut training (tests of fitness, problem solving and memory) in order to graduate as astronauts!


In Maths, we’ve been tackling the tricky learning objective of long multiplication. We’ve been very hands-on with this and working in groups as you can see on the pictures!


In PSHE, we have been reading and writing about ‘Great women who changed the world’.


In Science, we have been learning about forces. How many children would it take before Mr Hurley could no longer resist them pushing him backwards? 7! We launched rockets into the air and had a competition to see which one would go the furthest before gravity took hold and brought it back down to the ground!


SPAG homework due Friday 13th November.
Nouns (page 4). Success criteria at the top of the page. I would encourage children to use the internet to revise common and proper nouns, if they feel this will help them. They need to remember that proper nouns need a capital letter!

Maths homework due Friday 13th November. Addition and subtraction (page 15). Children should follow the success criteria at the top of the page.

Plus night -time reading. 4x a week minimum, please. Children need to be reading for at least 20 minutes in each of these sessions and exploring the meaning of any new vocabulary.


NEW comprehension task –

2 minute reads! Aimed at improving children’s fluency. We have sent a sheet home with children and explained the task. It is not a very time-consuming task but we hope this new approach could make all the difference! The sheet itself has all the relevant information on it! We hope everyone can get behind this and support us in developing fluency!

Many thanks for your continued support,

Y5 team