Nursery Celebrate Holi


Here in Nursery we love to join in with different celebrations from around the world. In Early years this helps children to develop in many ways. In particular it strengthens their understanding of ‘people and communities’ and ‘the world’ two of the 17 early learning goals.

Over the last few years we have took part in a hugely successful Holi celebration within our Nursery. This year we are excited to announce we will be celebrating this again and we truly cannot wait to see the children’s excitement that has been so prevalent during previous years. This celebration will take place on Friday 17th March 2017. It is of particular interest to us this year as it complements our new topic ‘How many colours in a rainbow?’ wonderfully.

What is ‘Holi?’

Holi is a festival celebrated in north India. It marks the coming of spring, usually in March. Holi is a colourful festival, with dancing, singing, and throwing of powder paint and coloured water. Holi also celebrates Krishna, and the legend of Holika and Prahlad. Some believe the origin of the festival lies with Krishna who was very mischievous as a young boy and threw coloured water over people as they passed by.

How will we celebrate in Nursery?

On Friday 17th March the nursery will be transformed into a colour work shop. We will be enjoying finger painting, painting outdoors, creating a giant painted rainbow and exploring media and materials with various arts and crafts activities. We will also enjoy singing and dancing. We hope this will be a day that will really engage your children’s interests in our topic. I am sure it will be a day to remember!

For the last 20 minutes of the Nursery day we hope to take the children onto the field to take part in a magical paint throwing experience. Your child will need a plain white t-shirt and a pair of swimming goggles. They cannot take part in this activity unless they have this. It is also important that your child wears appropriate clothing and footwear that will be exposed to paint. This experience will result in your child becoming a walking piece of art! Teachers will also be joining your children in this activity. The school has taken every precaution so that this is a safe and enjoyable experience for all. We will be providing each participant with masks. We will also be using specialist Holi throwing paint. I have included information about the paint from the essentials for education website below.

What is Event Colour Holi/Throwing Powder? Event Colour throwing powder is all manufacture from the raw materials that are approved for use in food and/or cosmetic applications. Other words it’s completely safe for skin contact in this application.

Where is it made? Our powder is proudly made in England; so we can be confident in saying we know exactly what goes into it and exactly what you’ll be throwing at each other.

Can this powder be used for all types of events? Holi festivals, colour runs, sporting events, charity events – you name it. The product is safe for everyone to use, it’s up to you what you choose to do with it.

Is it safe, Is it toxic? Event Colour throwing powder is completely safe and non-toxic; However, with any fine powder we would recommend protective measures such as wearing mask and goggles or similar, to protect eyes and avoid inhaling excessive quantities. Throwing powders are a lot of fun, but should ALWAYS be used responsibly.

Will it wash of skin? Yes, with a bit of soap and water the colour will wash from hair and skin – don’t worry if it doesn’t come out straight away. In cases of heavy powdering! Temporary colouration of hair and skin can happen, repeat washing may be necessary.

Will it stain clothing and surfaces? Here at Event Colour we endeavour to make our colours as stain free as possible, however, in some conditions and on some surfaces staining can occur. If staining is a concern pre-test on a sample surface, under the conditions required. Cleaning Tips – Use detergents and if necessary stain removers on clothing.

Is it environmentally friendly or bio-degradable? As Event Colour throwing powder is almost entirely food grade raw materials there will be minimal impact on the environment.

This is an optional activity, but one I am sure that the children will thoroughly enjoy. Please use the slip to indicate whether you would like your child to take part in the ‘paint throwing’ aspect of our event.